Story -


We are on a small patch of grass looking over top the sea, however we are not looking at the sea. To the right are old brick buildings, enough to call it a town. They are seemingly empty (and so is the rest of the town), even though it is noon. The gray of the road oddly matches the rust red of the brick, like the only reason the road is there is to blend in. It looks like it’s never been driven on before.
There is no sound, it isn’t needed.
The side of the patch closest to the edge of the sea is crowded with a tall, fully leafed tree and a table with benches attached. The sunlight is bright but the only thing that casts a shadow is the big tree. Though the table is near us we stand by the road and a car (the most ordinary car possible). The only car in miles, or maybe ever.
There are two others with me, and a baby who’s race didn’t match any of ours. One is my father, the other his girlfriend. They aren’t as giddy and happy as I knew them to be. They don’t say anything, not with their mouths are even with their eyes. Their eyes don’t seem to belong to them, their faces are like skin pulled over metal, no feeling, no expression. They leave the black baby in its gray carrier on the ground on my left, where its been sitting this whole time. They turn on the spot and get in the car. Executing their actions like it’s been practised a hundred times before. The car drives away, it moves like its on a preprogrammed track and is just waiting to do it’s one job.
I laid down on the grass right where I was standing, my arms prop me up so I can stare at shade of the healthy tree that is between me and the sea. The grass is stiff, uncomfortable, and oddly green. The baby is quite and next to motionless laying on its back in the carrier, him looking a little forward as well.
It feels like a test, as if this is all taking place in a big glass box. All robots and a car attached to a stick except for me and this black baby. I feel that there are eyes behind me hiding… waiting for me to move so they can hurt me. The gaze of hunting and judgment, and death. I do not turn to check, I know I couldn’t see it. I know it’s there, but I couldn’t see it.
The wind blows very gently, just enough to make the leafs on the tree move a little. Just a tiny sound, so quiet it wouldn’t have been heard if it wasn’t the only sound that has happened.
Slowly, but it takes no time at all to happen, the sunlight stops hitting the baby. Black starts engulfing it. Not the absence of light, but Black rains down on him, like a cloud, you can’t see through.
I'm still in the shadowless light from the blue sky, the black does not exist to me, but I can see it through the baby’s eyes. Through mine I can see the infant's eyes now staring wide directly up. His eyes so wide this lids disappear into him. His face is full of shock, but not the kind of shock I baby can have, the adult shock you can only get in the most dire of situations. I am still but I can see everything else as well, the town, the road the sea. All at once with such detail, I can tell how it’s never been used.
Then, out of the black, a face starts to form. The mouth and eyes form closed on the surface and slowly open as the face stretches out of the black towards the baby. It is only the mouth and eyes, no nose or ears. It only has what it needs. The mouth might even be grinning if it wasn’t gaping so wide. It’s teeth and eyes are white and contrast the black with a harsh line. The teeth as well as the corners of the mouth are sharp and biting. It doesn’t have back teeth, just two long strips of piercing canines. It doesn’t need to chew, just to bite. The face’s eyes locked on the helpless baby as if it was its life's goal, but not with concentration, with desire and need. The look that would get you into an insane asylum if you give it to the wrong person.
The eyes of the baby are somehow even bigger now. The pupils are now dominating the whites until the both the eyes are just black beads being sucked up to join the rest. They begin to water. He isn’t crying, he is just as motionless as he has always been, and it isn’t tears from lack of blinking. The water in his eyes is full of fear and love. It pools in his shallow eye sockets but never drips out.
I am straightened up now but not standing, looking over the babe with anxiety in my face. I am scared for him but I do nothing, the black isn’t there for me. There is nothing I could do. I can see the baby without the black, just a little infant getting the life pulled from him from nothing. From the light blue sky or the shade of the tree. For me there is not a sound, but through the baby I can hear a strong humming getting louder and louder, but it still isn’t loud. Just the right volume.
Still nothing is moving but the face creeping down towards the baby, still widening. Though it is moving, it doesn’t seem to be getting any closer to him. It’s taking it’s time, it’S time, to show me it’S power. It will decide when, no me.

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