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The old days were fun
Laying about in the sun
Late night dancing
No care for the next day ahead
There were moments of bless
So many unnecessary blunders
But that's the lesson
We grow and learn our way
You cannot be pure without knowing the another side
Our journey continues to surprise us
There's days where we feel no purpose
No understanding of where we are at
But as quickly as that comes
Were on a new path
We just do what gets us through
There's a lesson from every interaction
Everyone is just trying to survive
This life aint easy
But we can't let ourselves feel lost
Because once you dive to deep into the wilderness
Nobody comes out alive
This is our world
Lets be the ones who see each other
Learn care and lend a hand to the souls lost in the traps of our society
We are feed constant negative media to make ourselves feel less important
But we are pure and that's what's makes us one! 

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