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Return of the Queen

If he had meant what he had sworn to you, you would not be kneeling before me today. Instead you would be in your glazen chateau, tending to your young golden-haired children, and seldulously watering your prized sapphire- tinted tulips, making sure to rotate them every few hours so that they maintain the perfect posture...yet today you shambled to the concourse of your enemy's city in tattered grey robes, beseeching refuge from the country you took an oath to glorify, and pleading for a flask of water. Last I saw you you flaunted a kaleidoscope of silk gowns and feathered blouses. Now tell me, my dearest Dagnar, do you call to mind the terms of your return, my queen?

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Darya Amiri

This is a monologue by the king, his queen had left him in Denmark to glorify France, for she had fallen in love with with a nobleman there before she was crowned Queen. The people of France, who once loved her, had abandoned her and she had no choice but to return to her unfair husband, the King of Denmark.