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 Oh my dear readers, Here we are, no matter where you, we, are in the world all of our lives have changed in a similar way as common as breathing, we are all effected by this COVID 19, formally phrased as Coronavirus. Tragically, I fear I have lost some readers to this scary virus. I pray this will be over with soon. But how? Sadly some, people are not taken notice to the rules. I have read just a few, thankfully, really stupid posts on social media where people just are not believing the facts that are out there. There are so many myths and conspiracies regarding (COVID-19) and no matter of your opinions the facts are, people are dying, young and old. Those who have additional health issues, and like today, I read in the UK, a healthy 27-year-old man has lost his life to this virus, leaving behind at least his 10 day old baby. These victims are not a myth. They are not made up. This is a war and whether you believe it’s an experiment from the lab that has gone wrong, a chemical  deliberately been released, people eating poor creatures or the Bible coming true, earthquakes, bush fires, floods and quotes like “And this gospel of the Kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, then the end will come.””
It’s written that Jesus sits on a mountain of olives. (Spain, Italy?) “People will become lovers of self.” Does this translate as people being selfish all for themselves or loving the same sex as themselves? “lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless unappeasable slanderous, without self-control”” and the words go on about how awful humans will become, including how we will appear Godly but forget the power of God. In other words, humans are the scum of the earth. Which is really sad, as I know a lot of very kind people, I guess I know or have known, pure evil too. But I was gifted strength to get rid of them in my life and now I have peace, but am I good enough in Gods eyes? I’m sure I’m not. Who is, even good people are far from the perfection in the eyes of who we call God?
It’s also written. “And you will hear of wars, rumors of wars see that you are not alarmed, for this must take place, but the end is not yet.””
(Few) smile.
 “Shut up the words and seal the book.  Until the time of the end many shall run to and fro. “” (Run to and fro?) could this mean leaders, medics and so on frantically reading, researching papers, signing agreements, just rushing panicking to find the serum to find a treatment for this virus that could end humanity as we know it? The words continue.
“Concerning day or hour, no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the sun, only the Father.”” (in other words, could this mean this virus caught us all off guard? As in no one knows?
“There will be great earthquakes, and in various places famine and pestilences.””
(pestilences) translated a deadly epidemic disease. Are you getting what I am writing now? It continues. “There will be terrors and great signs from heaven”” Could terrors be terrorism? As for the great signs from heaven? Could this be the goodness that is being shown in humans at this moment because of this virus? Proving that humanity is not dead entirely? And I love this part of the bible. “You must be ready, for the sun of man is coming. Then there will be great tribulations such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, if those days had not been cut short, no human beings would have been saved.”” So, why do I love that? Is this prophecy explaining we are now being given a last lesson to save the world? To save humans? As in end wars and pollution? It’s written “But for the sake of the elect, those days will be cut short.”” (Elect) people we choose to rule our government? I mean, they are the ones who make the changes on global decisions. They decide cuts on carbon emissions and so on, wars, journeys to lands we are not meant to have knowledge about, if we were meant to go there, I believe we would have been created there. I like most people am fascinated by space, other planets, I totally believe in other species, aliens. But if we found them, we would kill them. Humans are not good enough to except them and leave them to live their way in their own world. We hope, they tell us, to one day possibly live on another planet? Rather than saving the beautiful earth we have been given. Did humans come here to learn, or are we here for other aliens to look at us and learn from us, learn how not to behave?
       Some more from the bible which I would like to talk with you through my own translation.
“For as the lightning comes from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the sun of man.”” (The east? China? Travelling to the west?)
See what you think of this? It’s also written. “So that no one can buy or sell.””
(buy or sell?) hmm shops right now? It’s hard to buy and harder to sell.
Another quote from the bible. This one blows my mind. “And I saw a beast rising from the sea with ten horns and seven heads the whole earth followed the beast.”” (The beast in the sea the whole world followed? Followed as in social media TV Newspapers and so on, we were all fixated by the cruise ships with people on would they die? Where would and will they go as another cruise ship no one wants so it is just waiting to find somewhere where it will be excepted. I guess in the days when the bible was written, a cruise ship would have looked like a beast, a beast as in size. The dragon is spoken of, well again, China? It’s also written that labor pains will come upon a pregnant woman and they will not escape. Okay, now it’s getting spooky. So, our wonderful Prime Minister has just been diagnosed with C-19 and his girlfriend is pregnant. So, he has not escaped from the virus. Though I pray he will be OK as he is the best PM we have ever had in my opinion.
It’s written both great and small, rich and poor, no one can buy or sell. Again, it’s so hard to buy as we are used to and for those selling, most now are at home, their gold they earned before has no value now, the crashing of the economy.
It’s written about four beasts. The first beast speaks of its rider wearing or given a crown. (Crown, translation, Corona)
Words like the King of the east coming up against Israel.
Well, going back to where I started this blog.
Changes. We are all experiencing change. I want to tell you what COVID 19 means to me and how it has affected me personally.
Firstly, I have found myself in deep thought as the above briefly shows, please let me explain, I am far from an expert of the bible, my religion heads towards Christianity, but is just face to face with it as my belief is different to what most people believe in. I believe in angels, and spirits. Aliens and a God.
I hope for kindness and despise hatred and cruelty. I believe in a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye, and don’t or can’t seem to think of myself as such a good person to be able to turn the other cheek. That is the bad side of me. I can not forgive and to be honest, I don’t want to forgive, or haven’t in my whole life, until the past few months when there is one person I have forgiven because the love I have for that person is way beyond any painful potion from my past.
That forgiveness only comes because the guilt has not been proven directly in front of my eyes, only my ears and possible lies I have been told.
I write in riddle, I guess what I am saying is I am what I am and I am not sorry for that. I believe I genuinely care about good people and I cry when kindness is being hurt. I am genuinely thoughtful when it comes to other people’s feelings and lifestyle, as long as those people are in my heart, my mind, good people.
This virus that is spreading around the world is making me feel very dark, disappointed and depressed. But at the same time, I feel hope, happiness and hysterical. Hysterical in a way of laughter and feeling as if I am going crazy.
Is this a time for us all to wake up and look around and see, hear and feel what we have closed our minds to all of our lives? Is it now time for compassion, care and cruelty free? If this virus, and I stress, if, this has come from eating poor animals, then should we now look deeper into eating food that does not bleed, cry or suffer?
Do we need everything we see or hear about? Do we need to keep building that wall around us to keep out those who may need to sit with us and experience some compassion? Do we need to close our windows to keep out the cold and ignore those who don’t have the luxury of warmth?
There are people doing things for others now that they wouldn’t have even thought about a few months ago. Personally, I have seen kindness from people who have not shown me it before and felt love that I want to except where as before I would have thought, you know what? I have those in my life I love, I don’t need any more people to love, but now I realize that love costs nothing, or shouldn’t, and I have loads to give. Lots to share. But I shall be careful who I trust as still devils walk among us, but angels have for sure been brought out of their cloaks and they have been given wings to fly and prove themselves.
Because of this virus, our air is cleaner by far after such a short time. Fish, dolphins and swans are places they haven’t been to for in some cases decades in fact some fish were previously thought to have become Ext inked.
 In my back garden, there is the fog of not so fragrant car fumes from the road of death near us, but in our front garden, wow, the air is like what it was when I lived in my green Northumberland. My home. Pure air, today it was earthy. I could smell the earth. The leaves, spring floral buds and the sky. That may sound odd, but I can’t see these things, so I use my other senses, which according to myths, my other senses kick in and become stronger, not true, they are the same as yours, only I don’t have the distraction of sight.
The odd thing is, from my front garden to the slightly more polluted back, it’s about forty feet, about 12 meters and I can differentiate the air quality. And the cars I would guess are half to what they normally are right now, so if doubled like before, I would not be able to once again go back to my childhood and remember the fragrant air our youth have never known. Now, stop the cars from the road at the back of my house, wow, the clean air would be amazing. I am also enjoying the sounds of the spring birds, though sadly, less than last year which saw the decrease in the birds from the previous year.
So, are we meant to learn from this? Or is it the start of the end of the world, at least as we ever knew it. After this is over, if it ever will be, I mean, we do still have the flu for example, will we go back to who and what we were before, or will we be better people. Are we seeing the birth of humanity? Already I am seeing amazing people. Is this our lesson, or are we preparing ourselves to go with our makers son to a place we live forever or are we going to dance the flames with the devil.
Tonight, is freezing cold and pouring with rain, but I for one am not ready for the heat of the devil, nor am I wanting our earth to die, be stolen, swallowed up and burned out whilst I am placed on another planet. I may be reunited with my much loved and missed family and friends who have moved on, my pets too, possibly I can take with me my family I have on earth and my chosen friends? But what if I am on a different level to them, what if they are better than me? Who will judge me? I’m told by our bible; our Father will judge us. But what is good or bad to him, may not be good or bad to me.
Do I want to sit at the feet of Jesus, or do I want to show him respect but walk by his side?
I hope after this, if there is an after, we can all walk side by side and be more caring towards others and our earth. Do we really need two, three or four holidays abroad per year? Do we really need to eat as much meat? Should we not be kinder and open to others?
Well my next blog I shall tell you a lighter version of what this virus has meant to me. The nightmares and difficulties some of us who are blind have had and are having to face. And the amazing tear-jerking moments that have happened of late.
Gosh, I didn’t intend this blog to be quite as long and never expected to be so serious. Please take this seriously don’t think it happens in other countries or a certain kind of person. This is a real fight only we can beat. Stay home as much as possible and practice washing hands and spraying surfaces after you may have contaminated them. I used to put my shopping of grocery bags on my kitchen work tops. Not now, tomorrow I shall tell you the huge changes in every day life. Especially from a person without sights perspective!
God bless. Our creator has a lot on his mind and we can help by listening to our leaders and our souls. Not believing in every word, but at least to Annalise our situation.
© Fiona Cummings

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