Story -

This is my story about the world

Once upon a time there lived a sweet innocent girl. 
She wanted to have a purpose of living, however.

So she met someone,
someone beautiful but so curious. 

He isnt good nor evil.  The second you look into his inky black eyes, you would want to learn so much about him. 
She knew this man would change her, so she did.   

He did not love her though. This man was so hurt and abused by people that he didn’t believe he could be capable of loving.

The girl was so upset to see him in pain, constantly, so she told him all the beautiful things about himself. 
The way he would listen to her, the way he is always present even if he Isnt. And lastly,
his beauty.

‘Who are you?’ , she asked while looking into the lost skies. 
He was the world.