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It won't happen again

It won't happen again

It won't happen again, I'm sorry.
It won't happen again, I was angry, I'm sorry.
It won't happen again, I love you, I'm sorry.

It is a well known phrase that actions speak louder than words; so why did I stay?

I stayed at first because I didn't know what demon was hiding within you, I thought it was my culpability, I thought you were confound, I thought I needed to stop winding you up.

I thought it was a one time incident, even after the tenth.

I stayed in the end through trepidation of my life but I believed you every time you sent me tulips; bought me perfume and took me for a beautiful meal in a top of the range restuarant

No amount of flowers will cover this ugly bruise on my delicate cheeks
No amount of perfume will boost my confidence because you stripped it all
No amount of top quality meals will ease the hunger I have for you to be a better man

It would have happened again, because you weren't sorry.
It would have happened again, you're not angry, you're evil, and you weren't sorry.
It would have happened again, you didn't love me, you weren't sorry.


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I am smiling to see you made use of a blank page, reading through your carefully penned lines , I can sense you saying ," enough is enough " , it takes a keen sense of  courage to pen writes like these , and its not to be taken lightly, so I am reading again...

a word you used seem to resonate with me , ( trepidation ) meaning a deep level of fear or anxiety, this gave power to the intent of this piece, allowing me to feel you inside, I became sad , when trying to place myself in this situation, calling to mind so many women out there, who maybe stuck in a lifestyle tha allows material pleasures, but at what cost?

truly a heart tugging piece....

I can only pray that others read this and it will help in building awareness....

a soulful read...

Saffron Amber Hill

Thank you for your kind words!

It is intended to have deep meaning, I hope women and men who read this who find themselves in a situation like this read this and have the courage to leave. There are some horrible people in the world and people need to realise that even one hit is too many. 

Luckily for myself, this situation was years ago and I have moved past it, but people need to know that people who do these things do not and will not change. 

Some people stay due to having too much to lose. Nobody should stay in situations they are fearful of. 

Thanks for reading x 

John Astley

Wow,a powerful peice Saffron, I do hope your life has moved on.

Welcome to Cosmofunnel, I look forward to your writings.


Saffron Amber Hill

Thank you!

Yes, my life is now very much blessed which I am eternally thankful for. 

Thanks for your warm welcome! 

S x