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Thought For A Friend.

Thought For A Friend.

My wish is for a friend that I met on here that I hope truly gets every single thing she wants in life, and also that she realizes what an incredible person she is, and how much she is appreciated. 
I think everyone on here knows, and loves, our friend Cherie, and has somehow been touched by her wonderful attitude, and kindness, and spirit, and gorgeous writing. Her reviews, and bouyant personality light up Cosmo. 
You don't often meet Angels in this life, but I think those of us who know her, feel as though we have. 

I think she makes us all feel better about our writing, and ourselves, and that's a special quality. 

If we had more Cheeries in this world, it would certainly be a cheerier place. 

I think I can say from everyone, thank you for making this place, and the world a better place. 

M and the Funnels. 

PS. Cherie, I don't mean to embarrass you, you're just so nice, and I like to give people credit where credit is due. Sorry. 

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Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Awwww....Thank you, Matthew! That is so sweet.  I feel put up on a pedestal that I do not deserve, but thank you for making me feel special .  I care about this site, the poets, and all the poetry that inspires me.  You inspire me too, dear friend....I will never forget such a special message....You made me blush!  You are one of a kind, Matthew.  I appreciate your talents and your kind support, and  your friendship. I am always here.  Much love n hugs, Cheerie  ;) 

A Lonely Journey

Hey Cheerie, 
You don't have to thak me(as a matter of fact, please don't thak me, it hurts), or thank me, ewither(yes, ewither, a verb meaning, a poem posted on electronic media which shrivels, or fades away without notice...which is eerily like most of my poems! Anyway, sorry about the bad typing today. You make me nervous). Anyway, you don't have to thank me, I'm just pointing out what everyone on here probably thinks, but a lot of times, people don't take the time to tell someone how amazing they are. I like to do that. I think we're a lot alike like that. We like to make others feel good about themselves, which I think is a nice, God given quality. Anyway(stop saying anyway, Matt!), anyway, your reviews are just remarkable. They're so kind, and smart, and thoughtful. It's absolutely the reason I started loving this site, and thought to myself, oh my gosh, this girl is just the nicest person! 
So, thank YOU Cheerie, you're a credit to this site, and to the Big Guy Upstairs. He must be so proud of His creation. 
Have a beautiful day!