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"Conversations of the mind." By Ben Goode 2019 (c) (The dialogue of thought. Part one)

"Conversations of the mind." By Ben Goode 2019 (c) (The dialogue of thought. Part one)

"Come on now, why do you even give her a thought?"
"Look I will never forget her."
"What did you learn?"
"What did I learn? You mean what did I feel?"
"You learnt nothing obviously."
"I did learn something."
"What then? How to get hurt time and again?"
"Yes I admit I was hurt OK, are you happy now?"
"No because you're not happy."
"I felt alive inside, I felt complete with her."
"An illusion, she was a damned liar! You know that right?"
"I know what I felt!"
"You felt too much, like an emotional fool, and that's the problem!"
"It was love."Β 
"What does that mean?"
"It nearly killed you, it nearly killed me, and everything about you."
"I know, I know...."
"Do you? Do you remember that darkness you were buried so deep within?"
"No...I don't want to. I don't want to remember."Β 
"Look I don't want to torment you. That's not why I'm here.Β 
"But you're saying I shouldn't love at all!"Β 
"No, just not her. You can't love her."
"But I can't forget her."
"She has forgotten you. You know that."
"But I can't forget....I'm afraid to."
"I know you are. And do you know why?"
"Please stop asking me questions."
"Look it's what I do. Do you know why you're afraid?"
"Why do you look and sound so much like Morgan Freeman?"
"Maybe because he is the embodiment, of who you consider wise?"
"You sure make it easier to listen to you like that."
" And you know it. Look you're still dodging my question. Why are you afraid?"
"I don't know Ok?"Β 
"Yes you do, you do, but let me explain. You are afraid you won't love again!"
"Yes, I am. I am. But if you knew why ask me?"
"It's my job. Look I'm your friend. I am you. And you are me."
"I'm going crazy. Talking to myself."
"It's called thought. And it's OK. And now you've written it. Here!"
"Maybe I have revealed too much. Perhaps I should delete it?"Β 
"No, read it again, revise it, and you can read it again in the future."
"Nobody is going to read this?"
"Are you sure about that? I'm Morgan Freeman remember?"Β 
"Just in my mind."
"And that's enough. Keep the dream alive Ben. And what I've said."
"Alright, alright. But just because you're Morgan."
"God bless."
"Now you're just overdoing it."
"Couldn't resist ha. You can finish now. Or you're overdoing it."
"Ok, well here it goes."Β 
(Morgan smiles with a thumbs up) "Keep writing Ben, it's what you do! It's who you are!"Β 


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Goode Benjamin

I’m just amazed that anyone read it. I was very hesitant about posting this. Mainly because it is so different. But it flowed out so easily, imagining Morgan talking to me. I knew what he wanted to say by compiling his style from movies I’ve seen of his characters. He’s very particular about what he does, and says. His whole being is wisdom and his voice is so resonated. I will indeed write more of these. Perhaps of Pat Morita or James Earl Jones this time. And if I’m up for it, maybe even Clint Eastwood. β€œDo you feel lucky?” I really appreciate that you read this piece, I’m very flattered by your comments, thank you πŸ™ πŸ€—

Mitsali Fatima

5 stars Benjamin!!
This is so original and so free flowing it's like, Wow you know?
Awesome work :)
I love the way you had it so fast-paced and followable!

Goode Benjamin

Awesome 😎 thank you so much 😊 these comments are so motivating βœ…

Goode Benjamin

He’s always been one of my favourite actors. I just like his style 😊 he rocks and so do you 😊

Goode Benjamin

Thank you 😊 I try to be. I love writing dialogue based on the style of existing people 😊

Cherie Leigh

Very original, Ben!Β  I like how it shows how our mind talks us through our feelings and thoughts....I wish mine sounded like Morgan Freeman...lol...He is cool and seems so laid back when he talks.Β  I like that you posted something very different...entertaining... Thanks for sharing. xo ;)

Goode Benjamin

I’ve honestly never had so many wonderful responses, as I’ve had lately. It’s very endearing. I’m so very happy you read it Cherie πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ thank youΒ