Dream -

Lady Jane

I dream
I wish
For the days of the King.
From the first I saw his fair face and limp my heart did lay
This is no ordinary King my girl. Would it be kinder if it were.
No this monarch lives in Tolkien lore and Is  an elven Lord at that.
I,  a lowly mortal woman whom cannot be created in fantasy.
I must sit and pine away my human hours on
a figure of non reality.....

But somewhere once in a dark deep dream
I know I met him there. 
I can recall the way he said my name.
Why he called me his Lady Jane
And at his voice my hair stood up and made me wake up faint.
So Tonite 
I will wish
upon ten thousand stars
that our love will find a way.
‚Äč‚Äč‚ÄčTo make Old Thranduil my willing slave and I
his beloved,
Hi Lady Jane.

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