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Mystery Semi-solved

Mystery Semi-solved

I dreamt of this woman a couple of nights ago, which was both intriguing and strange. I'm not sure if I've ever met her in person but, we're FB friends. I might have met her over the holidays. I say 'might have' because I was a little tipsy. I was at the arena/rec. centre glued to my phone when this pretty blonde approached and set a can of beer on my table. She said something like, "Here. You have this." Then she walked away, talking on her phone. I was taken aback by that. All I said was, "Thank you."Β 
I didn't ask for her name or even try to make a move. Just 'Thank you.'

Now if that wasn't so strange, I'd laugh and pee myself. Some time later, I suspected that it was her, Shanalee. My FB friend whom I chatted with before. She's a carefree fun-loving girl who's a little eccentric. I suppose we're two of a kind.Β 

So, two days ago, we chatted on Messenger for a bit. She responded to a picture of a dog I posted on Facebook. She immediately messaged me on Messenger. We talked about dogs mostly and the pets we've had. We're both dog lovers and I told her that I don't adopt them anymore, or any animal. Reason being, was that I've lost too many pets (including cats) to illness and accidents. I vowed to have no more pets years ago. But, Shanalee somehow renewed my love for pets. She got me thinking about getting a dog this year. So, if I do, I'm going to ask her to come with me to find one. The best dog we can find. Who knows, maybe this is a sign. Our shared love for dogs ignited something. Then the vivid dream.

How can I dream of someone that I only just chatted with online? The dream was like a cheap B-movie, to paraphrase Freddie Mercury. In it we were joyriding in a boat with a few other people. It was getting dark and we were in rough waters. Shanalee was sitting on the outboard motor, texting on her phone while I watched her, fearing she'd go overboard. But, the tumultuous ride didn't bother her at all, as she kept her balance. Back on land, we wandered about and went to this large well-lit building where everyone dispersed to explore. I got separated from Shanalee and that was it.

When I awoke I felt lost and bewildered. I wondered why I had such a dream. I sat up on my bed and tried to piece things together, trying to understand and uncover what seemed like a real mystery. I could picture her and almost feel her with me. Is she something really special or am I just reacting to a random dream? I don't know. But, I'm goingΒ to ask her if that was her at the arena. I have a feeling I won't be surprised when she tells me. And I'll ask her if she wants to go boating with me this summer.

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