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The Fearless Five Production Studios...

The Fearless Five Production Studios...

hi my original cosmofunnel was under Bryan Delorme username mastermind I am a 37 year old man who stays young at heart with the maturity level of a legend, My original poetry started out with desolate hopeless suicidal tendencies to awakening enlightened poetry, I write freestyle epic poetic prose and I'm a starving artist who has potential to create a masterpiece theatre with the right creative team. I am in the process of putting together an entourage to create animated shorts, full length animated movies, a trilogy and a series and keep the ball rolling, I was the one who got away to come back to my hometown to start the creative team and reconnect with the one I left behind. The entourage consists of five roles, the writer with an English major, the female and male voices, the sketch art, the animation, and the music and sound effects. most importantly we all work as a team, we all have to unite as one creative team and look out for one another. I've connected with the team already and possibly if he's ready to commit to the project on a weekly basis I have a guitarist and he's also a sketch artist that can contribute to the entourage, he's my funk soul brother. Yes I am for real and I can't do it without the creative team, just because I carry the stone and I'm the last man standing and I am the dream and the concept and the male voices including the narrative doesn't mean my role is any more important than the rest of the group. we all can contribute in many different ways depending on where are talents are the strongest, we can all add to the story-line or come up with our own ideas for a story-line, we can all have insight toward the animation or the music and sound effects, an idea of any kind can be written and presented to the entourage by any member of the group with compromise and if any a minor debate which will be very rare because aside from our strongest talents we can contribute to and part of the creative process... the first initial meet and greet is for me as the leader to sit back and listen to the ideas of the other members. 

my ideas consist of shorts, The Glum Panda about a male panda who cheers up a Glum female panda, The Old Oak Tree about a young man who meditate after a bad love by an old oak tree and brings his world back to color... back to life and more to come

Full length movies ... The Dark Prince about a prince who ran away from love and went on a journey and stumbles upon a scroll in the desert that makes him fly back home to the one he left behind,
The Split Man, Is about a young man who's developed a split personality and doesn't even realize he's a narcisist, a martyr to caution isolated playing war games and on disability in an old apartment, his other side of himself is a friendly happy go lucky charasmatic young lad that everyone loves, sad to say the dark side of hime makes people afraid for their safetey thinking he could crack at any moment, afraid of what he's capable of meanwhile he's afraid of what their capable of, he starts to see his darkside after realizing he was taking it out on the people. he tries to balance it all out and live a m,ore moderate lifestyle but his drinking and drugs take hold of his life for a while, when it all blows over he finds himself back at square one except with a new and better outlook on life and a better perspective on the world.

A trilogy called "Rustic chains" part one is about a special operations agent Blaine in the aftermath of his mission returning home to RidgeRock from Vietnam and the missions continues on his homeland and back in Vietnam, a love story and a war story.
part two is about a secret mission on his homeland to track down an awol elite who is killing and committing cannibalism. a son of an elite political mother and father.
Part three is about Blaine and Violets love story and how their secrets that was new to them unveil themselves, lets just say their dreams and nightmares come to life, as Blaine and Violet evade trouble from a barage of circumstances they both have no control of meanwhile trying to enjoy their time together in their retirement from the agency.
An animated childrens series called the lone wolf with a wide variety of characters as Manitoban animals, The Lone Wolf consists of a wide range of characters about life journeys and an average bear and his wife and boy and girl cubs in a cavern, A Lone Wolf by an old Oak tree who visits with the gardner snake who slithers away from the snake pit and wanders and the average bear is afraid of him the lone wolf, two squirrels who play a sport tossing an acorn and stealing it from one another and a hedgehog who is up to no good, a rabbit who strayed to far from home and the wolf tries to eat him but he's too tame to be wild enough to catch the rabbit. the eagle flies over and tells him to find the one, you're free". The wolf is also friends with an old wise man hunter/fisherman who lives in a cottage alone outside of the forest and he feeds him, there is a crow who perches on the edge of the roof and talks to the old man and the lone wolf
animated series who gets brought back from the future back to earth and tells prophesy of a series of catastrophic events created by mankind disrupting the laws of physics causing mother nature to destroy civilizations on a mass scale, so it seems or could it be the greed of the elite thinning out the herd, may be not, a league of seven inter-dimensional assassins come down from the mother ship and start annihilating evil doers and corrupt individuals that aren't even in political or religious leadership, they're among us!
Seeing that everything is connected is the only way the marked ones can be saved! one particular assassin goes rogue after learning that corruption can possibly be untaught, but it's distilled in some of the children of the world so deeply it's going to be a difficult task! he than beams through a portal to face the Lord of Lords and they send a hologram message from the mother ship ... 

Hello people of earth, everything is connected, all life is interconnected, all political views, religious beliefs, everything is connected to the source of all our power of love and wisdom to understand that we are all human. we make mistakes but we must learn from them and unless things change many people will die, I know God himself doesn't like that idea so it's time to expose the secret, the way you think and act upon the world around you will be what you attract into your life, the source is what some call God but it's all the same love and light that most people fail to see or believe in. there's so much more to life than bigotry and hate crimes, see all the little miracles that happen every day, you are a miracle, life in itself is a miracle, there's life in every grain of sand.
There are cities underground connected through tunnel systems that connect to every major city in the world, seven inter-dimensional assassins have been sent down and they are in position to strike at any given moment, I'm pulling them back and giving the people of earth another chance to do better, the elite initiates don't bother, they're living a lavish lifestyle on an island somewhere, or in a yacht. or in a mountain mansion. They're no threat we all are, or own worst enemy and our own best friend. 
The economy is meant to grow and level out evenly spreading wealth through homeland security across around globe, poverty is a not something that has to be looked down on as a disease or a plague, the earth is plentiful, share and give and it'll come back, I have nothing more to offer you people under the sun, come down off the high horse and live as one before it's to late, we don't want to have to thin out the herd but you're leaving us no other choice, stop the greed, stop killing one another, stop inflicting pain on others,
It's a constant conflict unless we let by gones be by gones and stop attacking our leaders among men, stop keeping good men down and separating humanity by race and culture by economic stature. the earth is plentiful and there's more than enough food to go around... clean up the oceans protect the lives that can't protect themselves, God gives you hands as tools to build peaceful places for people to safely live and they build nuclear bombs that should not of ever been thought of to begin with, the earth can be healed or it can heal itself with humanitarian and environmental aid.
Stop destroying each other by sending a bombardment barrage of fear tactical espionage by making young men and women fear for their own lives. fear breeds hate and hate breeds fear causing the fear of love from not knowing who to trust, the heart of mankind has mostly good intentions for their own lives for the one.
Some women think all men are evil because of a few tyrants who bring them harm and some men think that woman are evil because they don't understand that the brotherhood of mankind is about love and light, protecting woman and children, love for mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters and sons and daughters and love for the lovers and fighters, neighbors and strangers, it's the bastards verses the SOBs, tough guy pushes over nice guy, to tough or to nice.
Start making boys strong men instead of creating this hurting kind separating men from the boys, make girls strong independent woman who don't need a man to make them happy and won't settle for anything less than a best friend, strength comes from within it's not the size, the bigger they are the harder they fall, stop the games with peoples lives, for someone to rise above will cause suffering, for someone, to walk with the world we learn to live as one, henceforth we learn to fly above trials and tribulations, false accusations and stipulations, there is very little margin for error, a rebel without a justifiable cause is inflicting terror.
Do your best not to create broken homes, the future of our children depend on it, teach them history, teach them where we wen't wrong, don't teach them bigot ways or bad attitude toward the system or other points of views or opinions. We're all atoms and empty spaces and only opinions matter, opinions fill the empty spaces. We can't keep taking from the earth without giving back, the worlds economy needs to thrive, in order for that to happen the earth needs to survive, everyone has the power to do their part to save the whole world by saving their own world one step at a time. it's all up to you, as you were, for now!
eyes staring into the holgram telpathically recieved the message through a frequency and vibration, transponded onto every news network and radio station around the globe... 

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Cherie Leigh

This sounds so interesting as a career!  It sounds like fun and creative work to do animated shorts. You go inspire!  Thanks for sharing.  xo


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