Dream -

The Flight

This particular dream is one that gave me an unexplainable feeling. I remember I was in an all men and women's prison, somewhere (which would never happen). But I also got the feeling that the prison was actually the parking lot area of my old elementary school. This dream could have very well stemmed from binge watching OITNB, but I also don't want to go off of just that. Anyway. All of the inmates including myself were having "outside time." I'm also pretty sure we were eating our meals outside as well because of the fork I had in my hand. I'm not exactly sure if the fork was in my hand the whole time, I just remember discarding it at some point in the dream. I had on an orange inmate shirt as any normal inmate would have. From this point on, I'm standing in front of a shed, one that was obviously used for storing garden equipment. No bigger than that. Behind the shed are your usual barbed wire fence. Then suddenly it happens - an experience like no other. I start lightly running down this graveled path leading to the shed. The farther I ran the more I ever so slowly, and airy began to lift up off the ground. But instead of taking off into the sky like a bullet out of a gun, it was almost as if I was "hovering" there. I don't quite recall how I ended up back on the ground, but I did and that was the end of this dream.

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