Dream -

When I was Almost Shot

I remember this dream every time I tell it like it happened just yesterday. I was awoken from this dream by a phone call from my mom, as she asked me immediately upon the "hello" if I was alright. I clearly remember being (outside) on a (sidewalk) in a downtown (city) area. I could tell it was summertime from a somewhat tall (tree) that stood in front of me with (green) leaves on it. Behind me, stood a (white), rundown shack of (house) that was apparently still suitable to live in. There was no (grass) in the yard whatsoever, but there stood what appeared to be a (man) on the porch. I just remember standing in front of this tree on the sidewalk right along the (street). Then seconds later a (red) geo tracker looking vehicle came barreling down the street towards me. But that isn't all. The passenger of the vehicle had a (shotgun) perched on top of the passenger side mirror. Before he could do what he came to do which was kill me, the unknown man on the porch behind me yelled "DON'T SHOOT!" .... 
Then my mother's phone call woke me up. 
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Greg Etsell

I love this poem I have had dreams like that before great poem and welcome to cosmo


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