A wake up call to our dearest Cosmofunnelers 
Please don’t allow those who seek power by gaining control over our minds and our actions
to cause separation and anxiety amongst us 
for they know better that a sacred union between us all will mean the end of power and gain for them
Note that every color has to be painted onto this cosmic canvas for a masterpiece that is to be composed by humanity as a whole.

by Shirley Pourbaba
Founder, CEO, Editor
at CosmoFunnel.com
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When it comes to undressing naked poetry , we shall leave behind nude pics of our souls , ink virtual ink ,which has no color, but lights as one reflection emanating through the heart of our creator God.

I'm color blind !! 😂

I'm I still welcome here ? Lol

James unsworth

This relates so much too my poem (Lets Unite!) also some other poems too, great quote! 👍🏻

Dean Kuch

Very well stated, Shirley.
I couldn't have written it any better myself.
Well...maybe, heh-heh.
Just kidding...
~Dean Kuch :)

Greg Etsell

hi I was wondering if would add on cosmo that you can share your poems on Instagram I know you can share on facebook and twitter so plasee think about it ok

Dean Kuch

I'd rather not share poems anywhere but here, Greg.
If I allow sharing they can no longer be considered as "unpublished works" and therefore are rendered ineligible for publication elsewhere.
I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and I do appreciate you asking.