What good is sleeping if we cant remember our dreams
The song of our subconscious 
Te soul of our existence 
The us, behind the scenes of our lives
The messages, the gifts that awaits us, and yearns to be awaken from the intelligent heart of our Universe and our inner Devine wisdom.
Remember your dreams
Write them
keep a journal with dates
Make your dream muscle fit
Learn their language
You will see all the great messages that are embedded in each of your dreams

by Shirley Pourbaba
Founder, CEO, Editor
at CosmoFunnel.com
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William Wallace

Beautiful dreamer.
Come dream next to me.
Lets dream into the unknown.
And hopefully heaven we will see.
Dream on.
And on.
And on.
You my dream boat.
And with you i will sail.
Through calm and rough waters.
Our love will never sinkingly fail.
Dream on.
And on.
And on.