Poem -



  "Darkness becomes me"
Mirror, mirror, on the wall.... 
Who's the darkest of them all? 

It's not me,
well, that's pretty plain

But here's what I see,
the darkness looks good on me.

Shades of gray adorn my face, my eyes, my lips, my cheeks
They tell a story of a lighter color than what lies within

So maybe I should just turn black, 
Let the inside take over the out. 

Because I have decided, you see, 
This darkness looks good on me. 

And yet sometimes I see holes appear in my facade
Light peeks through like stars on my skin

It grows and builds until I am beaming
A star in my own respect

But here's the thing about stars,
They burn out, shoot across the night

And again I see the dark creep into the spaces the light once held 
Because this darkness becomes me

But I do not want to become this darkness,
Not again, please not again

Let me go back to gray, 
Because gray is a safe in between.

Between the black I feel,
And the stars that appear  

Then I don't have to be afraid of the dark or the light
But I can stay in the in between 

In the black night sky,
But still among the stars     

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Some live in the shadows of life's reality, so can definitely appreciate the beauty in this phenomenal piece.

Magnificently interlaced 👏👏👏👏👏👏


Thanks for reading.  Much appreciated!