Poem -

7 Words

A learning Curve

A Memory I’d rather forget, betrayed by pride,
Guess you never know who’s on your side.
Months for the truth to be revealed,
All my emotions heavily concealed.

Time passes but that memory never fades
Cutting deeper than a thousand jagged blades
I knew what I needed to heal my heart
Instead you chose to play your own part.

As the gap widens and I can’t look you in the eye
all you seemingly do is ask yourself why.
Seven words became the final straw,
Seeing everything in you I abhor.

Now in the future, the memory still clear,
A reminder that strength outweighs fear.
I will carry those words forever in my mind,
a more humble path I intend to find.

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Tony Taylor

Wow SARAH DANCE!!.....a fine début piece..... cutting to the heart of  Feelings being hurt and dealing with betrayal's aftermath.........I REALLY like the A,A,B,B, rhyme scheme.... it works beautifully here....... leaving the reader with a sense of hope for the future in its final stanza ~

                   ~"I will carry those words forever in my mind
                      A more humble path I intend to find......"

You have a delivered some VERY compelling phrasing that definitely keeps the reader on the positive bent while conveying the pain of it as well!!........ALL STARS!!..... well done dear poet sister!!...... and.........WELCOME to COSMO!!........LOVE & ROCKETS!!........T xo   : )

Sarah Dance

Thank you so much for your comment and awesome welcome, and I really appreciate your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. xo

Derani Moore

Hi Sarah.  You words of betrayal and hurt are expressed beautifully.  I can relate to your poem very much.  Well written xxx great poem!