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A ‘Bow head’ Whale for me 🤣

A ‘Bow head’ Whale for me 🤣

If I come back in ‘Afterlife’
I’d want to be a ‘Bow head’ whale
Casually swimming through the Arctic ocean
I’d be sixty feet from top to tail

With nothing else to think about
But to search for the biggest fish
Huh can you imagine being on this life
Not having no stress at all, I wish !!

Oh how I’d be in ecstasy over- feeding my fat face
I could get obesely over-sized without 
Ever appearing out of place

What an idealistic lifespan I would have
A ‘Bow head’ whale certainly appeals to me
I could live up to two hundred years
What an existence that must be

‘Snug as a bug’ in the collasal ocean
An enormous, mahoosive mammal
I’d adore my natural habitat
Just like a desert for a camel

There’s nothing larger than an ocean
So not many hurdles in my way
All that open space & endless food is something I’d love I have to say

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