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A Calendar year❤️

A Calendar year❤️

January’s chill is winter’s wail
Arctic winds welt icy hail
Stormy North East gales do blow
Weary weather with tales of woe
Depressing drifting piles of snow
Burying the soily earth below

February’s freezing frosty bite
Enhancing the shiny stars at night
The big old moon does wax & wain
Winter’s harshness releases its pain

Mad March hares boxing with might
Early Spring shows sheer delight
Manic month when elements change for fast
Sunshine does reign when blizzard goes passed

April showers one welcomes with mirth
Budding flowers rise from the earth
New natures blessings do blossom & bloom
Releasing winter’s spell of gloom

Melodious May birds chirp & chatter
Early Spring lambs are chubby & fatter
Signs of Summer, sunny & bright
Longer days with shorter night

June, midway month of our year
Onset of Summer season is here
Possessing the yearly longest day
Sunnier warmth for children’s play

July parched heat it dries the land
Family picnics on the sand
Embracing our lengthy hotter days
From the high hot sun’s golden rays

Month of August in the sun
Schooltime breaks with lots of fun
Boarding tickets on areoplanes
Jetting abroad or catching trains
Holidaying here & everywhere
Ridding stress with not a care

September is here, Autumn is nigh
Indian Summer will keep land dry
Leaves are turning golden brown
Gusts of wind scatters them down
Leafy blankets paving the ground
Crunching footsteps giving sound

October’s Autumnal rustic, mues
Orangey colourful scenic hues
Days with ever shortening hours
Rainy days with Autumn showers
Preparation for Winter ahead
Gardeners tidy their Summer’s bed

November the fifth is bonfire night
Rocket bangs, firework delight
Zigging & zagging across the sky
Bursts of colourful explosions I spy

December’s dank, dark Winter’s day
Anticipation for the magic man on his sleigh
Brightening up & cheering all
Knowing that Santa Claus will call

A complete cycle of our calender year
Twelve months with four seasons are in there
Ageless days of lifes creation
Timeless periods with acceleration



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