Poem -

A Cancerous Mouth

A Cancerous Mouth

Your mouth is full of Cancer,
Poisoned at thy tongue,
Words are so deceiving,
Never thy same ending,
Different every time.

Dig thy hole much deeper,
With out even a try,
Better yet I'll help,
Lending you my shovel,
Watch you try to get out.

Oops forgot shit kickers,
Thy lies are so high,
Even within thy flames,
You make thy Devil cry.

How petty to be,
To fake a such illness you see,
Only for attention, Please,
This is even low for you,
Maybe your nose should grow,
Name shall be "Pinocchio".

Stop with all the nonsense,
We all really know,
Only sickness you truly have,
Is such a Cancerous mouth! 


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Simon Bromley

Enjoyed thoroughly.  Truth will always prevail.  I hate lies and never understood the need to try and cover up with such ridiculous statements.  Well done.

tara septer

Thanx for the read, I will never understand some people story after story and never the same one and not even thinking about others comparing the stories.