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A flicker starts a flame

A flicker starts a flame

A flicker starts a flame
and it turns into a fire
as she watches with excitement at the flames rising higher
Spreading and stretching out along the ground
Devouring and disappearing everything combustible with a crackilng sound
She is fraught with fear at this dangerous sight
now the fire is an inferno in a ferocious ignite

She runs for her life to the safety of the coast and slumping down on the seashore she is a warm as toast
Yet crazy coloured wildfire brightens the sky not too far away
She should be as safe as houses by the sea one would say
Many more people, friends and strange faces scatter on the sand filling spaces from nearby places
Such an unbelievable vision with a deafening roar and not a sound of the sea but the rage from the shore

There is none so powerful as the fate from fire with a holocaust of conflagration causing a phlogiston of pyre
leaving charred embers and ashes in it’s wreckening wake and a trail of destruction from it’s pathetic path for pity’s sake
One can only wish for water from the heaven’s up above to pelt and pour as a labour of love
So as she sits huddled together amongst others on the sand
all are lost in a state of confusion from Mother Natures unplanned

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Being Me

Oh very good, Jill! I like the images you have in this. Fire is such a deadly, devastating beauty. It is awesome in a most terrible way. I think you have captured this feeling well x