Poem -

A Gift

A Gift

Movement in shadow,
Silhouette in the dark,
Whispers intrude,
Failing to hark.

Faces in paintings,
Mirrors and wood,
Irrational fear,
Lost who were good.

Footsteps at night,
Gossamer thread,
Holding my chest,
Scratching my head,

I sink into my pillow,
Holding my breath,
As bed sheets are pulled,
I pray for death.

Anguish and nausea,
Held in its grip,
Sonorous voices,
Heart beat in blip.

A gift bestowed,
Surreal of thought,
Answers I’m owed,
Nerves are wrought.


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Imtisal Fatima

Woo, shivery!
This is awesome Simon :)
Got the goosebumps!