Poem -

A little bit of me

A never ending cycle like were ruining in a circle, 
life is like track and I'm just doing hurdles. 
Jumping over problems one after another, 
hiding behind a masked cuz it's my only cover, 
never move to fast so I can avoid others, 
so questions they never ask cuz they don't need to know what I have suffered. 
To much to say not enough words to explain, 
why I am this way and why I don't change. 
It's all iv ever known and all I was ever shown, 
that why I act so cold like I have no soul. Walking down this road always on my own, 
with nowhere to go cuz I never had a home. 
And if I did it was broken in pieces, 
so I mean it when I say I don't fucking need it. 
Grew up fast with a druggie mother and a abusive dad, 
did allot of dirt but I can take nothing back,
with little to no cash but I never complained about what I didn't have.
Cuz when you had a hard life you learn to take nothing for granite, 
never panicked I planned it and used what I had to my advantage. 
I improvised even if that ment sometimes not being civilized, 
everyday being criticized witch is why im so emotionally paralyzed, 
but if you look deep inside I bet you just might  find, 
a scared lost soul just waiting to cry. 
But I keep all that locked away I swallow the shame,
heart wrapped in chains cuz im afraid of the pain.  
It's all become to much to bare I don't want to share, 
knocked down to many times but I continue to climbs theses stairs, 
looking at the top hoping someday ill get there, 
but the higher I go the more pollution in the air, 
Trying hard to grow but its like nobody  cares,
Cuz our innocence is dead and our corruption keeps on growing, 
thinking of the words we never said and the response we're never knowing, 
fighting with the voices in our head hoping our insanity isn't showing, sometimes hoping for death but yet we keep on going. 
Cuz the road goes on no matter how long, 
we try to stay strong through the rain and fog. 
Steering our wheel of choices making sharp turns,
The truth is what we're after so it's a never ending search.
But the  more we endure the more we seem to learn, 
the burn is familiar but the less it seems to hurt.
Cuz they say you gotta make it through the rain to finally see the rainbow, 
gotta fight through the pain when life gives you a sprained ankle.
Walk it off brush it off life's hard no time to be soft. 
You'll never reach the stars if you never take a shot. 
So there ya go that's a little bit of me, 
from my tragedies to my memories but there is so much more in-between. 
Just decided to give you a tiny little taste, 
cuz if I gave you the full plate it be way too much to take. 
So take what I had to say and do with it as you will,  
I'm just giving you what I got and what I got is real