Poem -

Going through

Been  stranded for a while now i feel like I'm lost,
 been looking for a diamond in this pile full of rocks, 
And even if I find it idk if it's what I  want,  
i find any little flaw and just take it as a loss. 
Yea i know the past is dead but it never stops haunting, 
looking over my shoulder cuz the devil keeps stalking. 
So I keep my eyes peeled as I walk with caution,
I may stumble but will never crumble cuZ failure is not a option. 
That talk is toxic I don't see the logic in coming so far then stopping that's a bunch of  nonsense. 
to be honest you gotta go through the hardest to get the farthest and to be the sharpest tool in the shed,  
I know it's hard trying to hide every tear that you shed, 
and to conceal what the voices are saying in your head. 
And every other day you keep wishing you were dead, 
but that's how it feels when your souls ripped into shreds. 
But no matter what you can never give up stop looking down keep your chin up keep that grin up don't worry about the mistakes you've made, 
Life is a living hell you you gotta find your own way to put a smile on your face. 

So take a deep breath and let it all go, 
unplant them roots so you can start to grow, 
I know at times it seems life moves to slow, 
and you never really fit in so you just go with the flow. 
Rowing this boat with nowhere to go. 
no home no job no car just scars,  
chasing the stars with a shattered heart.
Constantly falling apart , thinking its almost done but then your right back at the start.  
Confused and bruised abused and used,  
so use to it all your almost immune.  
I guess it's just the same shit different day yeah we all know the cliche, 
flipping through this book of life just trying to make it to the next page. 
Living for today and learning from our yesterdays, 
cradle to the grave trying to find our destiny's. 
But never really knowing where we're going for certain, 
but no matter the road always know we all got a purpose