Poem -

A Living Reminder

A Living Reminder

I remember visually I woke in chains,
unable to move a prisoner to pain.

Still so young trapped inside,
A crippled body on the outside.

It was the beginning of a new,
but at the time I had not a clue.

Body stiffened frozen in time,
intense suffering filled my mind.

Muddy cloud enveloped me whole,
the fear I felt left me cold.

Even the trembling to much to bare,
my aching bones to heavy to wear.

Every inch of me living the anguish,
I hadn't the strength nor the incentive 

I remember the night I had a dream,
so vividly real to me it seemed.

My dearest friend from another life,
who sadly had met her own demise.

Appeared to me and by the hand,
took me off to another land.

She spoke so calmly it felt surreal,
I even remember the smell of daffodils.

She did say all would be well,
come with me now and leave this hell. 

In that moment caught by surprise,
I witnessed the meaning of my life.

Looking down upon my weak flesh,
contemplating my own death.

I suddenly realised I felt so light,
there was more to grasp upon this night.

For as my body lay asleep, 
my spirit free to play and seek.

Trapped by pain was just a lesson,
a way to rediscover my very essence.

I kissed my friend and wished her well.
A lightning bolt...then I fell. 

For once I had come to this realisation,
I knew at once I found liberation.

This memory now etched in my being, 
Paved for me a new way of seeing.

Duality I discovered, the me and the I.
The power to detach anytime.

For my body in pain so broken I'd cry, 
But still I made the choice to live not die. 

For now I see and grateful am I,
this body though heavy. is just my ride. 

The real that matters is the I,
The rest an illusion where one can hide. 

Thanks for the memory I'll never forget,
and for my condition it hasn't beat me yet. 

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Terry Kay

Joanne, This is a powerful beautifully pinned poem.  I loved it.  Love. Terry Kay

Joanne Lee Macd...

Awe thanks lovely lady I am so glad you enjoyed it. It actually is speaking of my diagnosis  of rheumatoid arthritis. Funny how the painful things in life bring with them the greatest gifts ☺ 

Terry Kay

Joanne,. I got Osteoarthritis and Scoliosis so I understand.  An old family friend used to say   life ain't for sissy's.  😊. Love, Terry Kay