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A most disruptive sleep - psyche violently pummeled

A most disruptive sleep - psyche violently pummeled

Upon awakening earlier today
(May 26th, 2020)
felt utterly fatigued without fail
tormenting dreams found yours truly
jangled, harried and
frenzied across broadscale
valiant effort to remain awake
exerted to no avail.

Exhaustion pounded noggin
on par seeking Holy Grail akin
to punishing, pounding,
and piercing clangorous din
unstoppable even after hypothetically

downing entire bottle of Excedrin
recourse I would never resort,
cuz even overdosing once
would be one time to often
nobody except grim reaper would grin.

Stone cold dead would definitely,
(albeit permanently) obliterate
intolerably anguished fraught
mine agitated groggily horrid mental state
suicidal temptation untenable solution
to quiet and annihilate

these every now and again
catastrophic dreams severely dislocate
entire body, mind, and spirit triage
cuz surviving kith and kin plus spouse
would never exonerate
me mortal soul forever cursed mate.

Impossible mission to shrug off
unpleasant wakeful spate exerts
severely debilitating stranglehold
when peaceful night sleep severely
compromised as aforementioned and told
invariably entire day foregone as
hopelessness, purposelessness, uselessness...
wracks corporeal entity (me),

where I wanna fold
these lovely bones into fetal position mold
or hanker to grip hold
of torturous fifty shades of gray matter
wildly renting asunder
as futile lesson to scold
monstrous, odious, rapacious,
and villainous unbearable chokehold.

Reading and writing' and rithmetic
taught to the tune of the hickory stick
academic arduousness long since did abate
oppressive during early school days
considerably more inviting of late
experiencing tormenting
mailer (male er) daemons
catastrophic, dynamic,
enigmatic ferocious ghouls

peppering, pillaging, polluting
pulverizing my pate
possibly linkedin as adverse side effect
the downside prescription medication to sedate
and calm panic attack depressed riddled noggin,
which pharmacological Selective
serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)
are most commonly prescribed antidepressants.

Prozac prescribed as antidote
to curb moody blues lessening sadness I emote
and/or stemming prolonged bouts of sinking feeling
analogous to going down within sinking boat,
and more often than not typical day
less fraught as if cerebral cortex smote
with agonizing turmoil, now that's all I wrote.

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