Poem -

A Mother's Love

Feeding you and changing your diapers is a mother's love.
Teaching you right from wrong is a mother's love.
Holding your hand while you cross the street is a mother's love.
Helping you get dressed is a mother's love.
Helping you learn to read and with your homework is a mother's love.
Taking a picture of you and your prom date is a mother's love.
Waiting up for you until curfew is a mother's love.
Worrying about you, from your cradle to her grave
Is a mother's love.

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Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Absolutely!Β  I am a mother of four and I can vouch that you NEVER stop being a mother and wanting the best for your children...ever a challenge...and a mother's role is always at the forefront of her heart.....Great examples of a Mother's Love, Jeffrey.Β  Enjoyed... and I can relate to the devotion.Β  xo ;)Β