Poem -

A Nubian Queen

A Nubian Queen

 In the silk of her skin 

on days of memories and lust 
She looked  upon me

in a softness of only loving
wanting...... to be satisfied 

 to all my heart
to  excite 

a panther in her likeness

As she spread herself in a seductive power

I must love her..Now

to every beat ...to every second
never missing it's rhythm 

Like a musical piece.....
I will dance myself to her....into
spaces never-ending 

she is in waiting
loving her  will be easy

tonight my love is beautifully mine


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Larry Ran

Hi Lorris,

Oh my Queen of Nubia
You bring chocolate thunder to my heart
Our bodies meet in passion's pulse
And my ecstasy then starts

Peace and Love,
Larry xxx