Poem -

A poem for a friend.

A poem for a friend.

When it's dark find light
When it's sad raise your eyes..
You mean so much to them.

Find strength in every breath..
We all have bad days.

Forgiveness comes from within.

Yes its true..
with a broken wing it is hard to fly.
We know within our soul,
all that breaks can mend...
just takes a little longer now than it did back then.

Let the new day begin.
With the rising sun - shine your light on them.
Show your feelings from within...
You .. and only you.. mean so much to them.

They only have one mum.

So when it's dark find light
When it's sad raise your eyes...
You mean so much to them.

(C) cgs 12/05/19.

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Preacher Of Ete...

Thank yo SD. I am touched that it meant something to you.
I wrote this today for a friend. X


Hey sweetheart 😊 ❀️ I cannot express my gratitude for such an amazing, beautiful poem
you truly have the kindest heart
I love it so much, thank you ❀️😍
Much love Deano xoxo


A beautiful sentiment which really gets to the heart...Love your gentle spirit. Lodigiana x

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

What a lovely tribute to many struggling mothers who are doing their best this Mother's Day.Β  I am sureΒ  your friend appreciated the support and encouragement.Β  Being a mother is a hard role to fulfill, but the most rewarding one!Β  I enjoyed. ;)Β  xoΒ