Poem -

A Song

A Song

 Why can I write a poem ~ yet not write a song
There is something in the wording it does not flow along
It’s not quite right ~ yet not quite wrong
But whatever it is ~ I cannot write a song

Singing in my head is fine ~ But when written upon the page
It does not seem to rhyme
Why can’t I write the music ~ yet so love to sing

It seems to echo within my brain ~ alas no music does it bring
Would some kind soul care to write a song?
And some fine lyricist to tune the words along?

Stay in my heart
Your love is slowly fading
Pretty soon we’ll drift apart
Breaking fragments of my heart


Oh why does love cast shadows
Hiding teardrops I let fall
Oh why does love cast shadows
That hide behind a wall
Oh why does love cast shadows
My love for you was all

And there without a tune my lines have disappeared
Drifted somewhere heaven knows ~ maybe

To write a song ~ any song ~ to sing and call my own
Would make a dream come true
Can anyone write a song?


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Cherie Sumner Taylor

Hi Anne.  Sounds like you just made a song....lol..I almost can hear the tune...I have written a couple of songs, but poetry is definitely easier....Some people have a knack for writing lyrics and tunes...Just like Tony Taylor on here does.  I am in awe of people who have that talent...I love what you created here with the plea to write a song and in the process creating an original theme and song....Enjoyed much!  ;) xo  Cherie 

Anne Francis

Hi Cherie

Thanks you made me smile guess one has it or they don't - Tony
put this idea into my head what have I to lose.   Laugh really because
I can't read music but have a friend who does.

Tony is very talented in lots of different fields way above my station
yet we all have our gifts for which we can be thankful - mine a voice

You cheered my day - people on Cosmo are so helpful and made
me so welcome - thanks again.

I am singing on some of my poems "Heart and Soul"  - Can You Feel the Love Tonight is one of them - now dedicated to you and Tony

Love and blessings
Anne x