Poem -

A Song From Within

He ended the call
With a shout
While there's windows on the wall
He looks out

It's hard to go to sleep
Afraid of what he would dream
He wakes up in a scream
He is alone and
People are mean

What does he have to do
To have a friend
What is it like, the feeling
When you win

He wonders if he's good at anything
That's when he picks up his pen
And starts to write what he will sing
A song from within

He cries out to be loved
But there's no response
It's like everything he does
Turns the lights off

Everywhere he goes
He feels ugly
Something about that boy,
It that he is me

It's hard to dream
When I can't see
It causes me to scream
I'm not who I wanna be

Am I good at anything
This paper and pen
Make me sing
A song from within

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