Poem -

A Trilogy Of Tragedy

The Morning, The Afternoon, The Night

A Trilogy Of Tragedy

The Morning was the wee hours of Saturday, our angel Cody laid in his bed;
Too deeply rooted in a sopor, filling us with horrid dread!
We called his Vet when they opened, she said “You need to bring him here”;
We woke him and took him out to potty, he wobbled, augmenting all our fear!
The moment she examined him, she said “You have to let him go”;
We asked for fifteen more minutes, as our tears began to flow!
Then we whispered in his ears “I love yous”, as the deadly needles pricked his skin;
He twitched, then sailed to Heaven, eternal sadness to begin!
The Afternoon was in a Surgical waiting room, a January Monday, with darkened skies;
I was praying my Father’s risky heart surgery, would not lead to his demise!
But all at once I felt a cold chill, run up and down my spine;
I knew then at that moment, his passing it defined!
A Chaplain came to see us, as the Surgeon wept and cried;
“We did all we could to save him, but your Father just has died”!
Two days later he was buried, my heart torn right in two;
Now I visit him quite often, saying, “I’ll never stop loving you”!
The Night was on a Monday, our dear Nico had been sick;
The Vet gave him shots and meds in the morning, we thought would do the trick!
When he got home, he had a rally, but three hours later, began to fade;
We thought he just needed some “seepy seep”, and then he’d have it made!
He ate two spoonsful of special food, that was supposed to help him heal;
We did not realize at that time, it would be his final meal!
He left our world at around ten-thirty, I laid by him all night;
As my tears inundated his lifeless body, to begin their endless plight!
These three tragedies
Etched ever on my Soul
Eternities tears


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Cherie Leigh

Hi dear Larry and Linda,
I always weep with you when you describe the terrible pain of losing ones you love so much. I am always brought to my own memories of loss.  It is the hardest thing to forced to let go when you want to hold on.  Life is so hard and cruel in its system of corruption. I do live with hope of seeing all of those I love again.  I lost my best friend 3  years ago to a heart attack. He was only 47.  I have lost so many special dogs that were family too....Those that heal our soul while here, are the hardest to say goodbye to....but thank God there is a plan of redemption so that it is not permanent.  Hold that hope. Love never dies.  Love n Hugs, xo ;)   

Marion Price

Oh Larry 💔💔...made me cry...hugs and hugs 💕💕


Aww sir this had me teary, such a touching, moving heartwarming poem of three points in time, with loved ones leaving gaps in your heart,   all in a day too, oh nooh, must have been real gloomy and you described all three with love , attachment and cares in an admirably great way!! You expressed awesomely ahh. Your three stars gone up to heaven but your poem is deserving stars on earth now and getting them you see. I was always scared of dogs but your poems make me see how lovable they are. Am a cat person and one friend's  puppy bit my mom in the past which got me to fear them.

plz pleez do read and comment on my newest poem too, plz don't forget to.