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when you are the victim of abuse,
Your mind becomes your own noose,
You start to doubt the way you feel,
Then will question what is real.
Then you change you here and there,
Convince yourself the will start to care.
Along the way you loose your power,
turning into a wilted flower.
All of a sudden something just clicks
Your mind starts to again tick,
You start to plan your great escape,
Leaving behind your past mistakes.
Once your out and truly free,
Only then can you really see,
The way in which they conditioned your mind,
From yourself they kept you blind.
Escape is hard, but worth while,
You begin to find your self, your style,
Your confidence it start to grow,
From within you glimmer, shine and glow.
Take some time to really heal,
Begin to learn how you feel.
Accept that the past is past,
Difficult times aren't meant to last.
Treat every challenge as a lesson,
Daily count all of your blessings,
At first this will be hard to do,
I know I done it and you can too.
Don't hate or blame for what they done,
Your inner happiness the true sign you won,
Now you know your true self worth,
consider this your grand rebirth,
a chance to be who you know you are,
To achieve your dreams and travel far!!

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Well expressed ! Abuse is horrible.  Always good to escape abusive situations 


abuse is defiantly horrible.  thank you for reading and responding.