Poem -

Ace of hearts.

Ace of hearts.

What does heart need for mans affection?
Money, food, drugs... to shield my reflection?
What if evil is not what you fear, but rather the love from the"weak" that they hold dear.

Is it youre game at the end of the day?
To whom only your rules apply.
Cards in your hands, thrown darts, dice rolling when you stake your play at hand,
When you decide whom to let live or die upon your command.

Weather you use lights or music to darken my lonely silence, or jokes of "love" passed to break a broken heart.

Do we live in only your lies and deciet,
trusting what's in your hands when we know you're going to cheat.
Is your strastrategy knowledge or power,
learning my weakness as you rise at the passing of each day, minute and hour...

Maybe so... but I retain my hope and choose to remain silent in this dark,
The black king like the first move of whomever plays the white, also has their fall, when evil turns to balance, shedding light inbetween the cracks of a kept broken heart.
And apart from what you think and exactly what I mean, speaking of mine playing a turn revealing a hand and my check mate to you, ace of hearts.

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