Poem -

Acid Tear drops

Teardrops of pain. teardrops of sorrow.
Teardrops of today, teardrops of tomorrow.
Teardrops of acid, teardrops of pain.
Teardrops overflowing, teardrops of rain.
My teardrops is a burning sensation.
It's the weeping of a strange frustration.
Acid teardrops burns very deep inside.
Teardrops of constant pain, it cannot hide.
My teardrops I shared is only for today.
Teardrops of tomorrow, it has to pay.

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Latavia Paul

As a child growing up, I have encountered so many physical, emotional and mental pain. The only way I have expressed it by writing. I never trusted humans, so I developed a habit of creating my thoughts and the pain I was enduring into poetry. I hope that this will be an inspiration to others who can relate.

Marion Price

Hi Latavia I think your work expresses deep emotional pain in a powerful way. Writing is a great comfort and so therapeutic ...nice write šŸ’•

Latavia Paul

Hi Ms. Price, thank you so much. I enjoys writing and could write up to 20 per day once I have the time.