Poem -

‘Addicted to dope’😒

‘Addicted to dope’😒

Her clothes are only tatters
Whatever will she do
Theres a hole worn in her shoe so the wet comes soaking through

However will this lass cope
In her moment of need
Someone will help her I hope
Goodness know’s how she will feed

Cast out on the streets
Without a penny to her name
Had a tiff with her family
Things will never ever be the same

Her brother caught her red-handed
snortin’ drugs in a gutter
She boughtem’ off a dealer, What an idiot, what a nutter

But she says shes only happy
‘Spaced-out’ when she’s high
She told her brother she had quit
Who is she foolin’ that was a lie

If she could come to her senses
She’s got herself in a plight
Yet she can’t face her consequences
His sister’s a terrible sight

Addicted to the dope
Afflicted with the pains
Without any self esteem
Her depression wax & wains
She sees solace in her dream

A sorry situation of society
Alas this individual is not unique
Sleeping bags outside shop corners
Roughin’ in all weathers very bleak

Does every human have a choice ?
Noone surely wants to be a forsaker
With no morals or dignity
In desperation to meet their maker


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Jill Tait

Aww thank you Silent Dreamer ❤️