Poem -

Afternoon Walk

I am on my afternoon Walk
As the Happy sun melts into the naughty horizon
Who laps it up greedily like Ice-cream.
The cool breeze happily blowing,
The stones at the side of the road seem to stare at me
Stone -eyed. They see a familiar friendly face.
They seem to want a little conversation, even a Hello.
They seem to say , you're a nice guy, maybe even too nice for your own good.
The trees are also slowly dancing and observing, 
As darkness begins to wash softly, gently into the evening shores in the sky.
If I stay a little longer and if I'm lucky,
I might even get to glimpse or  meet and greet  the famous Ghost Of Eden Brown.
But I hear the crickets come out, chirping like happy birds,
Advising me ...admonishing me, beckoning that it's time to head on back home.

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