Poem -

Agent Orange

A poem about a bad romance

Ask you no questions
So you can tell me no lies
Your resolve it ran like wet paint
All the colors into a muddy black
It is not so much I hate you
It is just I cannot stand you
When it comes down to it
I would rather sip on agent orange
Than take a glass of water from you
If it comes down to it
I can honestly say 
I would let you drown in a puddle
Before I would roll you over
Why do I have such feelings?
You do not want me to go there
It would be a waste of time
Because you really do not care
I should feel sorry for you 
Try and turn the other cheek
What and give you another shot at me?
I do not think so!!
Let you just leave me be
I will try and not think of you
Ever except on Halloween

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