Poem -


 (I love writing as I can be anyone, any age. When writing this, I think I must have had two coffee's that day, haha)
 No time for snoring
Adults are boring
They just don’t understand
When I tell them about ted and friends
From another land
My toys come alive at night
As soon as Mum turns off the light
Rag doll Sam
With her floppy flowery hat
Bertie bear and his big band
And Noodles the cat
He climbs onto my pillow
Purrs so gentle and mellow
Dancing Dugi dog
Jumps like a frog
My brother Jacobs soldiers I must mention
Stand to attention
Until lights are off
Then let the battle commence
Higgody hobby horse
Jumps over the fence
As for my dolls house?
During the day as quiet as a mouse
When my parents are sleeping
In the house mini people are creeping
Through the little windows
Lights turn on and off
But nothing can be heard
No squeaking or a cough
Peeping through the letterbox
I see Mr. Fox
How did he get in there
With Bertie bear
Oh this is so much fun
Scared? Me want to run?
You must be joking
This is amazing
I mean look at the chimney smoking?
I want to get in that house
With its picket fence outside
A small bike for a ride
Lego trees
And in the kitchen on the little table
Is the pretend holy cheese
Look at my dolly Mable
She’s brushing her hair
And brothers marbles
Are rolling everywhere
This is magical
My wooden box is musical
As the ballerina twirls
I smile at tiny tears
She’s beautiful with popcorn curls
A world without fears
There is no harm to be had here
My rocking chair moves back and forward
As the key turns on the door of the cupboard
Out come fuzzy felt bees
And flying geese
The circus has come to town
With Clarence the clown
And his knobbly knees
The chimps with their tricks
And men on high sticks
Look at Barbie on the tightrope
The big tent
Full of colour
Plastic coins spent
At my toy shop
With sugared mice
And a lollypop
Jars of candy
Served by Millie molly Mandy
A skipping rope
Bubbles of soap
Jelly tot necklace
And cola cube rings
Little dresses made from lace
For Phoebe and Beth
As they are twins
Well I got them both for my birthday
From best friend Fey
And cousin Maisieann
With a Japanese porcelain doll
Holding a fan
Oh look at the foam bullets
Shooting at the can
Big brother Elliot
Will go mad
Off flies the helicopter
Without a pilot
Hey this is cool
I don’t want to sleep to wake for school
Let me stay at home
And answer the phone
Who will call tonight?
Peter Rabbit might?
As he talks, you know
But only when, the adults go
Jack n a box
Needs winding up
Lid pops
And he jumps up
The snakes climb the ladder
The dice make a clatter
The king of diamonds
Walks to Simple Simon
Who met with the pie man?
Who sheered the sheep
With little Bo Peep
Whilst the dish ran away with the spoon
And from my window the cow jumped over the moon
Oh this is fun
And look at the sun
It’s got its hat on
It’s coming out to play
In this world it’s never night or day
I wish it would last forever
With a chocolate fountain
And a Milky Way river
I’m no judge
With my bag of fudge
But standing next to the fort
I have a thought
If only adults believed
This is not a dream
Full of blankets of marshmallows
And bubble gum pillows
With sherbet socks
And lemon drops
This is my bedroom
With a honey cone balloon
And a coconut mushroom
With a pixie playing a tune
Mummy thinks I’m a good girl
As I come to bed each night
Without an argument
Or even a fight
Who can blame me?
For enjoying my mystery
Of a giant peach
And it’s all in reach
Next thing I know
I’ve fallen a sleep
And the house has gone silent
And thoughts are deep
When I awake
Will I remember what amusement I’ve seen
Shall I tell myself it’s all been a dream?

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A Lonely Journey

I'm so upset I missed this! That was absolutely a wonderful ride through your amazing mind, and beautiful thoughts! I just loved that!!! 
You amaze me. Thanks for brightening my day.