Poem -



As I take this journey,
All alone it may seem,
Looking for you, as my strength,
Only to find I'm left a stray.

Broken soul once again,
Shattered pieces across the floor,
No one there to pick me up,
To help me through this misery.

My love for you is so strong,
Gazing at you as my rock,
Emptiness is all that's given,
As your love has grown so cold.

Tragedy will not stop,
As I stand here with a curse,
Loosing you must be next,
Now that's something I can not bare.

Upside down all at once,
My life is spinning round and round,
Where are you to catch me fall,
My love, shoulder, rock and strength.

I do not know,
What I did,
To deserve this coldness from you,
You were once my glue.

All that is left to say,
I love you with every breath I take,
You were my rock,
I want that back,
As selfish as that maybe.