Poem -

Alternate Life

Alternate Life

In an alternate life
I'm living in a quaint apartment
in New York city

The old ballet studio type
with arched windows 
the view is rather pretty 

In an alternate life 
I'm a photographer 
for a wildlife and nature magazine
paid for my trepid ventures 

I have 2 or 3 good friends 
to share life with 
a wonderful girlfriend
or a date every other night 

In an alternate life
I travel to exotic places
I meet with those 
of many creeds and races

I get to see the winter snow
fall gently over the city
and dazzle in the 
Christmas lights 

In an alternate life 
I'm swapping gifts
And holding someone tight 
Under the Rockefeller centre tree

I'll spend most winters 
in the west 
Or go wherever life
is calling me

In an alternate life 
my parents are alive and well
I call them
every other day

I have more smiles
more laughter 
More moments 
that take my breath away 

In an alternate life 
I have a little family 
my heart is filled 
my spirits are high 
trust me I tried so hard 
to get here
but its just an alternate life.