Poem -

If you only knew

If you only knew

If you only knew 
the thoughts I have of you
you and I
but I think I'm in your friendzone
Maybe not even that 

however, I imagine 
your body pressed so firmly
against mine
Breast to breast 
groin to groin

Kissing on each others neck
I caress your gorgeous breasts
your nipples, I softly tickle
as we slow grind 

there is nothing between us
but the feeling of warmth, 
wetness and soft moaning
Im stroking your behind 

I imagine your fingers 
deep inside of me
slowly, smoothly
im rocking to the rhythm 

my lips sucking on
your juicy nipples 
My fingers find their way
to your zone I softly slide one in

we become as one 
moving to the same beat 
our hips thrust together 
Moaning, heavy breathing 
speaking in tongue 

kissing deeply
grabbing on each others hair
the rhythm gets harder and faster 
Gasping with ecstacy 
until we both cum

but the truth is, I'll probably never see you again 
and maybe it's just because my bodies yearning
to be touched and loved.

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