Poem -

Am I free

 Today I see you leave , dont know how to feel am I free? Or my torment just begins,  I try in vane for tears to fall but nothing does , such a moment as I see you depart nothing seems to hurt .
 as the last of our memories get thrown into the trash such sensation of calm I do not know how long it will last , who hurt who? We will never know you walk away with Hope's and dreams as my love gets ripped from your heart .
  days turn to weeks and months and I still look at the door perhaps thinking you will comeback what do I make of all this ? So long and yet no pain no tears fall , a faded memory of you comes to view as your name I cant remember , so long it has been and I dont know what to do with this sensation am I free? Or just living in a dream

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Sad Poet

Thank you for taking time to read it 

Silent Dreamer

A very deep and well-delivered way of expressing such heart-wrenching feelings. Beautiful!