Poem -


 Sitting in my room as silence overtakes the house, memories flood my mind , so much regret so much pain, perhaps i did not say sorry enough for loving you how i did, being there for you  in your lowest moments , im sorry for wanting to spend more time with you creating such an ordeal, that for wanting your happines you left and found it with someone else's arms, that my love could not keep you, tears fall as i try to understand my mistakes, what could i have done different so my arms you would seek, that my love would be enough for you , as the hours pass by no answer comes just more pain, laying in bed wondering what could i have done to change my ways so you would be happy with me loving me how i did you, all i can say is im sorry for all the pain i caused you and wish you the best as i slip away
i love you......

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Gerard McGowan

Such painful imagery,
so sad poet,
so sad is your name.

Love and light to you.

Sad Poet

Thank you for your words and taking time to read my poem