Poem -

An Alternative Ending

An Alternative Ending

Two seconds changed my life
One comment screwed me over
As a child i wanted to make heads turn
As an adult still hiding in the corner

No regrets, don't get me wrong
I did the best I could with what I had
But what could have been, what should have been
Sadly ended up in someone else's hands

Someone said something, my confidence shot
I can't even recall it by word
But whatever it was that this person said to me
Changed my future, my whole entire world

And this person, probably a pretty good kid
Whom I allowed to convince me I wasn't worth it
Doesn't even know it happened, probably forgot all about it
And so they should, it wouldnt make sense if they didn't

It is crazy how much, within a split second
Our words can have an impact on someone's life
One sentence can change someone's destiny for good
Without giving it a thought, not even a bat of an eye

Now here I am a few decades later
Finally coming out and showing who I really am
All those years of beautiful thoughts and dreams to share
Lost in the universe because of one little slam

Please be kind to every living thing every day
Our souls are fragile, help each other make this world better than it was yesterday
Always believe that love can conquer all of our issues
Thanks for listening, I'm peacing out, that's all i have to say for today

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Nigel Cresswell

Casual cruelty can be so deeply damaging, this a fantastic write.


Thanks.. 🙂💕

T Starbuck

Thank you, I really enjoyed reading this.


Thanks 😊
just you know... a little verbal diarrhea lol
I don't know where that came from...

Iva Christ

this is amazing keep up the good work! :)