Poem -

An Australian Apocalypse

An Australian Apocalypse

A Hell on Earth 
A great ball of fire
Is there really a man upstairs 
He’s pushing them to the wire
Six million hectares of land,up in smoke 
Its tarring at their heartstrings 
For them,it’s no joke 

An apocalyptic landscape is what they have now 
The Australian people,they’ll bounce back some how

Nearly four hundred homes are razed to the ground 
In New South Wales and Victoria,Hell all around 
Firefighters hose down trees and flying embers,in an effort to quell the fire
For this is their countryside,their will and desire 
Most of them volunteers,seventy thousand strong 
Protecting their homeland,where they are from 

Satellite images,like volcanic flows 
Bring an end to this misery,let these folks go
Their air quality dipping,as the fires rage on 
Their once beautiful countryside,has now but all gone 

Our thoughts are with these people,enduring this Hell
Emergancy services protecting, they’re doing it so well 
Our prayers for you guys,as we watch the world news 
If there is someone up there,he’ll chase away your blues

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al Bikaadi

I understand where you're coming from, but it is exactly what I'd expect to see precisely because there is a higher spiritual consciousness well aware of the injustices that continue to be perpetuated on the soil of the Great South Land. By no means a punishment, I think perhaps a hand of loving restraint has been lifted off to expose how ugly as a nation we have really become in our greed and arrogance and apathy. Churches are equally culpable, though there have been some trying their best to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly. 😢 My heart bleeds for Australia 💔

Katina Woodruff...

Wow, thank you for sharing this poem. Its so heart felt for all the community and first responders. Fire is devastating and aggressive. You should email  or print out this poem for your local Fire Department. 

Good job telling the story. 


Pretty powerful, the images we have seen on television and we are getting a strange orange glow here in NZ. I just hope we learn from this. Fire is basic, heat, fuel and oxygen, remove one and it stops. Hopefully this decade becomes the catalyst to commensense, best demonstrated practices and good scientific practices, but mother nature will always win, evolution is amazing.