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Do I love him? I guess the simple answer would be yes. However this love is a one way path for as long as I can see. Our friendship; flirty condescending, and derogatory. As I long for a touch he longs for Ann-Marie. A women three years his senior. He loves her however she sees daybreak as a new way to celebrate their friendship. He has faith. Is it horrible to wish a fate so deadly upon the ones you love. For his fate is to be with me. I grieve at night, and by day I help him through his journey of romance. Hoping that one day, that one way path, will meet. 

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Tony Taylor

Hello ISIS!!......'tis a bold thing indeed.... to play possum in front of the one you love.... setting yourself up for some of the most classic of poetic scenarios...... the best case of course.... He recognizes your Love as true and humble in its ability to wish for nothing but his happiness.... but ~

      ~ "Is it horrible to wish a fate so deadly upon the ones you Love?.."

A classic tale no matter how you look at it!!.......ALL STARS!!....... and......WELCOME to COSMO dear poet sister!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo 🐧✴❤