Poem -

Another hard day

I don't hate you
but I can't love you
because of what you've done
to our precious son
The emotional blackmail
is simply not on
You've crippled his spirit,
bound it in chains;
controlled his behaviour
by starving his brain
He hates his life
He calls you crazy
And now you think
it's our boy who's insane?
Children don't become
so angst over nothing
You try to cover your guilt
through laughing
or sometimes selling
crocodile tears
or playing the blame game
I can't believe I bought
those lies for years and years
and failed to see
your plans to stop
our child living free
You destroyed his science kit
in a fit off bitter rage
Burned his friends contact list
on a wild rampage
You tossed out his instruments
and spat on his muse
Of your behaviour
there's no excuse
And now the lad is angry
growing rather wild
What else do you expect
from what you modelled to our child?

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