Poem -


not anymore ,
Thoughts beinging to rack up 
not much of whats in store

A fire in my chest ,
burning through my veins, 
nails on a chalkboard ,
soggy boots in the rain 

It feels like a curse 
Im not in my body 
things I said a year ago 
Im sorry, Im sorry 

What do my friends say 
about me when I leave 
or what do people think of me 
this is what I grieve 

The feeling takes over 
every inch and every nook, 
and it starts to kill all hope 
and happy feelings that it took

Panic rises, 
my feelings sink 
and I dont really know 
what to think 

I have no clue 
whats real or not 
Its a game of tag 
and Ive been caught

I start to come back 
to reality and life 
but I can still feel the pain 
stabbing me like a knife 

Its gone for now 
I have been freed from its death grip 
but it will be back 
and my mind will slip.