Poem -

Anxiously In Love

I sit here, a beautiful mess.
You seem happy not speaking.
Heart racing, getting anxious.
Going out of my mind.
I glance, back and forth across the room.
Hoping you’ll notice me here.
Can’t concentrate, pressure building within.
You walk past….
You stare back.
Searching for me too.
I hope, reassure myself.
My chest relaxes, calms.
My heart slows down.
Everything seems sound.
The feeling slides.
Just for a while

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I sit here, a beautiful mess

How I love that line.  It says so much. A really good poem.  I've been there in that exact place before so I can relate to this.

Welcome to Cosmo, Graham

Tina x

Graham Morton

Thanks Tina, 

​​​​​​My first poem so good to get a comment back.
Unfortuntely this poem is about a guy who is desperately clinging to a love that's slipping through his fingers.
Good writing about it though! It totally helps him!
Thanks again.